Tara Sabharwal was born in India. After studying Painting at M.S University (Baroda, India) she completed her Masters at the Royal College of Art (London, UK), On returning to India,1986-89, she had solo shows in Delhi and Mumbai and returned to UK for three years on fellowships and solo shows. In 1990 Tara visited New York and settled here, while continuing to work and show in UK and India.


She has had solo shows in the UK: at Harewood House (Leeds) and Mercury gallery ( London), La Monte Gallery, (London) East West gallery, (London) Rebecca Hossack gallery (London) and Idler gallery (London); 

In Germany: at Galerie Scherer (Frankfurt), Michael Oess (Konstanz), Schwerpunkt (Stuttgart), Martina Janzen (Dusseldorf), Janzen (Wuppertal), Kunsttempel (Kassel) and Arts Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe); 

In USA: at Gertrude Herbert Institute (GA), Manhattanville College (NY), Adrian Duckworth Museum (NH) and The Henry Street settlement (NYC), John Jay College (NYC), Stephen Harris Gallery (NYC) Gallery 678 (NYC), Manhattan Graphics Center (NYC) and Wilmer Jennings Gallery (NYC);

In India: Art Heritage gallery (New Delhi), Cymroza gallery (Mumbai), Nazar gallery (Baroda), Sakshi Gallery (Mumbai), Art Alive Gallery (New Delhi), MS University (Baroda), and Sumukha gallery (Bangalore):

Also solos in: HISHIO (Katsuyama, Japan), VM Gallery (Karachi, Pakistan), Orvieto (Orvieto, Italy);

And participated in Printmaking biennials in Bharat Bhawan (India), Guanlan (China), Duoro (Portugal), Versailles and Chamalieres (France).

She received the British Council study scholarship and travel grants, Durham Cathedral fellowship, Myles Meehan grant and Royal overseas League award in the UK and the Henry Street Settlement , Joan Mitchell CALL (Creating a living legacy) and Gottlieb Individual support grants in USA.

She has done residencies at HISHIO (Katsuyama, Japan), Conversazioni Contemporari (Sponganno, Italy), Scuola Internationale Graphica (Venice, Italy), Atelier Beisinghoff  (Kassel, Germany), Guanlan Printmaking base (Shenzhen, China), American Embassy, (New Delhi, India) and Women's Studio Workshop (NY, USA), Cochran collection (GA, USA) and Cooper Union (NYC, USA) as well as Visiting Artist at Vermont Studio Center (VA, USA).

She has taught at Newcastle Poly (Newcastle, UK) and Sunderland Art college (Sunderland,UK) and at the Women’s Studio Workshop (NY, USA), Cooper Union school of Art (NYC, USA), Studio in a School, (NYC, USA), John Jay college (NYC, USA), City University (NYC, USA) Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (NYC, USA), The Guggenheim Museum (NYC, USA) and Rubin Museums (NYC, USA).


Her work is in the collection of the British Museum (London, UK), Victoria and Albert Museum (London, UK); DLI Museum (Durham, UK) and in the New York Public Library (NYC, USA); Peabody Essex Museum (Boston, USA); MONA Museum of Nebraskan Art (NE, USA) and the Library of Congress, (Washington D.C, USA).







75-80 BA Painting, MS University (Baroda, India).

82-84 MA Painting. Royal College of Art (London, UK).



1982-84 British Council Scholarship and travel grants (London, UK).

2016    Gottlieb Individual support grant (NYC, US).

2015    Joan Mitchell foundation, CALL, Creating a Living legacy, award (NYC, USA)

2001-02 International Collaborations, Henry Street Settlement (NYC, USA)

1989    Royal Overseas League award (London, USA).

1989-90 Durham Cathedral fellowship ( Durham, UK).

1988-89 Myles Meehan fellowship ( Darlington, UK)



2019    MassMoca (MA, USA)

2019    Vermont Studio Center, Visiting Artist (VA, USA)

2019    Butterfly House, Cochran collection (GA, USA)

2018    Guanlan printmaking base (Shinzhen, China).

2018    Scuola Internazionale di Grafica (Venice, Italy

2017    American Embassy ( New-Delhi, India)

2017    Atelier Beisinghoff ( Kassel, Germany)

2016    Womens Studio Workshop (NY, USA)

2015    Under-pressure club (NE, USA)

2015    Conversazioni in Contemporaneity (Spongano, Italy)

2015    Uttarayan sculpture camp ( Baroda, India).

2008    Center for International cultural exchange, HISHIO ( Katsuyama, Japan)

2004    Cooper Union (NYC, USA)

1992-93 Henry Street Settlement (NYC, USA)



MONA, Museum of Nebraska Art (NE, USA)

The British Museum (London, UK)

Uttarayan (Baroda, India)

The New York Public library (NYC, USA)

Victoria and Albert Museum (UK, USA)

Peabody Essex Museum (MA, USA)

Library of Congress ( D.C, USA)

DLI Museum  (Durham, UK)

Darlington Art Center ( Darlington, UK)

Sunderland University (Sunderland, UK)




2020    Art Alive gallery (New Delhi, India)

2020    Twelve gates gallery (Philadelphia, USA)


2019    Aidron Duckworth Museum (NH, USA)

2018    Wilmer Jennings gallery (NYC, USA)

2018    Manhattanville College (Purchase, NY, USA)

2017    Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art (GA, USA)

2017    Art Alive gallery (New Delhi, India)

2017    Kunsttempel, Kunstbalcon, (Kassell, Germany)

2015    Sumukha gallery (Bangalore, India)

2015    Fine arts college, MS University (Baroda, India)

2014    Manhattan Graphics center (NYC, USA)

2013    Art Alive gallery (New Delhi, India)                                                                                                   

2013   Galerie Martina Janzen (Dusseldorf, Germany)

2013    Idler Academy (London, UK)                                                                                                                                                        2012    Karsruhe Art fair, Galerie Janzen ( Karlsruhe, Germany)

2008    Contemporary art fair, Citerno Castel Giorgio (Orvieto, Italy)                                                            

2008    Galerie Martina Janzen (Wuppertal, Germany)

2008    Center for International Cultural exchange HISHIO (Katsuyama, Japan)

2007    V.M. gallery (Karachi, Pakistan)

2006    Art alive gallery (New Delhi, India)

2006    John Jay college Gallery (NYC, USA)

2005    Art Heritage Gallery (New Delhi, India)

2005    Cymroza Gallery (Mumbai, India)

2004    Galerie Martina Janzen (Dusseldorf, Germany)

2003    Steven Harris Gallery (NYC, USA)

2002    Art Heritage Gallery (New Delhi, India)

2002    Michael Oess Galerie (Konstanz, Germany)

2002    Cymroza Gallery (Mumbai, India)

2000    Nazar Gallery (Baroda, India)

2000    John Jay Gallery (NYC, USA)

1998    Gallery at 678 (NYC, USA)

1996    Sakshi Gallery ( Mumbai, India) 

1996    Sakshi Gallery (Bangalore, India)

1996    Art Heritage Gallery (New Delhi, India)

1995    Rebecca Hossack Gallery (London, UK)

1994    Galerie Schwerpunkt (Stuttgart, Germany)

1993    Galerie Scherer (Miltenberg am Main, Germany)

1993    La Monte Gallery (London, UK)

1993    Art Heritage Gallery (New Delhi, India)

1991    Harewood House (Leeds, UK)

1990    Laing Art Gallery (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)

1990    DLI Museum (Durham, UK)

1989    Darlington Art Center (Darlington, UK)

1889    DLI Museum (Durham, UK)

1987    Cymroza Gallery ( Mumbai, India)

1987    Art Heritage Gallery (New Delhi, India)

1986    Christopher Hull Gallery (London, UK)




2020 (Forthcoming)

‘You (will) know me 1’ (Curated Tara Sabharwal) Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi, India)

'You (will) know me 2’. (Curated Tara Sabharwal) Art Alive Gallery (Delhi, India)

’You (will) know me. (Curated Tara Sabharwal). Sumukha Gallery (Bangalore, India)

‘In Between/ Opportunity’ (Co Curated Tara Sabharwal) Studios Inc, Kansas City (KA, USA)

‘In-Between, Opportunity’ (Co curated Tara Sabharwal) Constellation, Omaha (NE, USA)



‘In Between’ ( Co curated Tara Sabharwal). Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale.

‘In Between- Opportunity’ (Curated Tara Sabharwal) Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, Georgia, (GA, USA)

‘Triad’, Kunstbalcon. Gallery Rausch, Kassel, Germany.



‘Lillies of the field’, A Tribite to Bob Blackburn. Robert Blackburn Printshop, NYC.

Guanlan Printmaking Museum, Guanlan, China. Belt and Road Project. Exhibition Center,       

Dunhuang, China. ‘The Win Win Project/ Belt and Road International Printmaking exchange Exhibition 2018’.

ARTHAUS, Munster, Germany. ‘In Between/ Reconsider’ ( Co-Curated by Tara  Sabharwal) with Barbara Beisinghoff, Tana Kellner and Roger Rigorth, Veer Munshi and Ayisha Abraham

Eulengasse, Frankfurt, Germany. ‘In Between/ Reconsider’. with Barbara Beisinghoff, Tana Kellner and Roger Rigorth, Veer Munshi and Ayisha Abraham

Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi. Art Now 2, 80 years of Indian Independence by Art Alive gallery.

Art Stable, Kelly Ross Fine Arts, Dorset, UK. ‘Contemporary and Twentieth century Prints’.

Museum of Nebraska Art ( MONA), Nebraska, US. ‘MONA Selects- Recently acquired works’.


JCC Harlem, NYC. ‘Songs of freedom’. Presented by Art in Flux

Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi. ‘Art Now’. 80 years of Indian Independence by Art Alive gallery.

India Art Fair, Delhi with Art Alive Gallery



Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Members show Print week

Montage gallery, London. ‘Erotic art.’

Center for Contemporary Art, New Jersey, USA Erasing Borders.

The John Hu Presbyterian Church Sanctuary, NYC. Erasing Borders

Flushing Town Hall, NYC. Erasing Borders

Manhattan Graphics Center, NYC, USA. Photogravures.



National Arts Club, NYC. New York Society of etchers. 15th anniversary exhibition,

Robert Blackburn Printmaking workshop- Member’s show

Williamsberg Art center, New York. ‘Erasing Borders’.

Hammond Museum, New York. Erasing Borders’

Meru gallery, New York. ‘Equus’.

Palazzo Bacile, Sponganno, Italy. ‘Conversazioni’

Faculty of fine arts, Baroda, India. ' Back to college'- Alumni show

Queens’s Museum, NYC. Erasing Borders

Constellation Studios, Lincoln, Nebraska. Curated International small graphics exhibition.



Triveni. New Delhi. ‘New York-New Delhi’. Curated by Tara Sabharwal

Manhattan Graphics center, NYC- Foliage show

SIPMA contemporary, New Jersey University. ‘I live here’. Curated by Waldman and Tania Sen.

Mehu Gallery, New York

Audobon society annual show- Salamagundi club, NYC                                                                                           

Manhattan Graphics Center, NYC- ONE/1.                                                                                                

Kelly Ross gallery, Dorset,  UK.                                                                                                                               

India art fair- represented by Art Alive gallery, New Delhi.                                                                           

Arts Karlsruhe- represented by Galerie Martina Janzen.                                                                         

Erasing borders- Queens Museum, Flushing Town hall, Williamsburg Art and historical center, Manhattanville college, Crossing art gallery ( Flushing), NYC                                                                                         

Skylit gallery, Chelsea, New York. Curated by Jill Slaymaker.

Cologne Paper Art, Cologne< Germany. Represented by Galerie Janzen.


Meru Gallery, NYC- NYC Prints                                                                                                                

Robert Blackburn Printmaking workshop- Member’s show

Hollar Gallery, Prague, Chez republic. ‘Prague/ Manhattan Graohics Center’                                                                                 MIMB 11- ( Monumental Ideas in Artist books). Thompson Rivers University and Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloop, BC Canada.                                                                                                                          

‘Square Deal’- curated by Bob Shore and Rich Turnbull. Manhattan Graphic center. NYC                       

MIMB 11 ( Monumental ideas in miniature books) - Madrid Artist book fair, "MASQUELIBRO" Artist Book Fair                                                                                                                                                          

Third annual juried printmaking show, selected by Roberta Waddell. Manhattan Graphic Center

New York Society of Printmakers- 3rd national exhibition of intaglio prints. National Arts club, SAWCC Her Stories- Taunbaum Museum, Virginia. ( South Asian Women’s Creative collective).

Erasing borders- Art of the Indian diaspora. Queens Museum, NYC, Flushing Town hall and Hammond Museum, NY.                                                                                                                                              

From Paper to Print- the art of Printmaking- Monmouth Museum, New Jersey. US                                             

Arts Karlsruhe, represented by Martina Janzen gallery.



Multiple Encounters’. A festival of printmaking. Curated by Vijay Kumar  and India art fair. Delhi and touring to Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Chennai.                                                                                            

Erasing Borders 2012. Curated by Vijay Kumar. Crossing Art gallery, Queens. Queens Museum, Art7 Virginia and traveling to other US venues.                                                                                                 

Back to School- Baroda artists. Guild art gallery, Mumbai, India.                                                                

Winter group show- Gallery 128, New York                                                                                                    

NY Society of Printmakers- 2nd National exhibition of Intaglio prints. National Arts club, NYC                  

Second annual Juried print show- Manhattan Graphics Center, New York.                                               

SAWCC Her stories- South Asian Women’s collective 15 year anniversary show. Queens Museum, New York.       

Manhattan graphics Center- Winter show


Peacable Kingdom- Wilmar Jennings art gallery, NYC. Artists from Robert Blackburn Printmaking workshop.                                                                                                                                                    

Erasing borders- Queens Museum, NYC, Aicon gallery, NYC, Uconn gallery, Uconn.                                  

Back to school. Artists from Baroda art college- Gallery Palette, New Delhi, India and Tao gallery Mumbai

Arts Karlsruhe, represented by Galerie Janzen



Gallery Espace: Marvellous Reality, held at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, India.                                         

5ª Bienal Internacional de Gravura – Douro, Portugal                                                                                  

Art train, USA. Celebrating America’s diversity.                                                                                         

Robert Blackburn Printmaking workshop- Member’s show                                                                           

York Society of Etchers- 10th anniversary show                                                                           

Printweek, NYC- Rockaway, Queens.                                                                                                            

Arts Karlsruhe- Germany, represented by Galerie Martina Janzen


7th international engraving biennale, Domain and Orangery, Versailles, Paris.

Ganjifa, playing cards portfolio participation. Hornan gallery, Falun, Sweden, Impact 6, Bristol, UK and and Barr Smith Library, The University of Adelaide, Australia. Reading room gallery, University of Austen, Texas and more.

Monumental ideas in Miniature books portfolio participation. Columbia college, Chicago, Morgan education foundation, Ohio, Univ De Kalp, South Texas college and more.

Erasing borders 2009, South Asian artists in America, Dowd Fne art gallery, SUNY, NY. Elizabeth Foundation for Arts gallery, NYC, Queens Museum of art, NYC, Galery at Penn college, Williamsport, PA.

India summit, New Delhi.

Art alive gallery, New Delhi. ‘Think small’.

For Hussien, artists honor M.F Hussein, organized by SAHMAT, Jamia Milia gallery, New Delhi, and Calcutta.

Gallery Projects, Ann Arbor, Michigan. ‘ Contemporary India’.

Arts Karlsruhe, Germany, represented by Galerie Martina Janzen.

New York Society of Etchers- annual selected group show

Printweek NYC- Rockaway, Queens



Art Alive gallery, New Delhi, India. ‘Contemporary drawings’

Art Motif Gallery,  New Delhi, India. ‘Pastels: contemporary Indian art’.

Erasing Borders ‘ Indian art of the Diasporas’ and traveling to Tabla Rasa gallery, Queens Museum and The Guild gallery, NYC.

Arts Karlsruhe, Germany



Queens Museum, NYC. Erasing Borders.

Art Guild gallery, NYC, Erasing borders.

Global Arts village, New Delhi, India. Art for Prabhat.

Visual Art gallery, New Delhi, India. Encore! Art for Prabhat.

Art Guild gallery, New York. SAWCC auction.



Daegu Civic Museum, Daegu, South Korea. Print Art. NY/ Daegu.

Ulsan Cultural Art center, Ulsan, South Korea. NY/ Daegu Modern prints.

City Hall. Asian American Art Centre. NY Eviction Blues.

Indian Consulate. NYC. Contemporary Indian artists.

Bose Pacia gallery, Fulbright/ Christie’s auction, NYC

X Change. Palazzo della ciltura, Madugno, Italy/ Palazzacio Antico communedi Sanzano, Italy.



Henry Street Settlement, NYC. At Home: Visions of our place in the world.

Asian American Art Center, NYC. Eviction Blues.

John Jay College, NYC. Staff show.

Bank Street School, NYC. Staff show.

Arpana gallery, New Delhi, India. Progress for People.

Cusick At Studio, Group show NYC Asian Fusion gallery, NYC. Revelations.

X- Change, Storefront Va Mazoni, Bari, Italy/ Federro Secondo gallery, Bari, Italy



Indira Gandhi Center for the Arts, New Delhi. Printmakers from Manhattan. Graphics Center, NYC.

Cooper Union School of Art, NYC. Summer Residency program.

Gallery 128, NYC.“Self- ish” Self Portraits.

The Elizabeth Foundation, NYC. The Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop

Gallery 128, NYC. Jugalbandi, South Asian and American Artists.

Lalit kala Academy, New Delhi India. Sahamt, The making of India



The Asian American Art Center and the Silk Route place. In the shadow of 9/11



Asian American Art Center, NYC. The AAAC story.

WARC, Toronto, Canada. Three person show. Funded by Canadian Arts Council.

Gallery Art Alive, New Delhi, India

Henry Street Settlement, NYC. International Cultural Collaborations exhibition.



Bharat Bhavan, 5th Bharat Bhavan International Print Biennial, Bhopal, India.

Gallery 128, NYC

The Scene Gallery, NYC

The New century Artists gallery, NYC. Artists at Work, Studio in a School.

Henry Street Settlement, NYC. Other

Bose Pacia Modern, NYC. Shaken and Stirred, SAWCC.

Gallery 128, NYC.



Gallery 128, New York City



National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi. Images of Delhi, also touring to Moscow.

Gallery 128, New York City.

Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London.

Indus gallery, New Delhi, India.



Columbia University

Bernice Steinbaum gallery, New York City.

Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New York City.

Gallery 128. New York City.

Mercury Gallery, London. , New York City. Sita in the City, International Sita Symposium.

Macy Gallery, Columbia University, New York City. Exploring America’s Cultures.

Lalit Kala Academy, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi. Baroda Alumni.



Gallery at 678, New York City. India Centenary.

India Mission for the UN, New York City.

Gallery 128, New York City.

Cymrosa Gallery, Bombay.



Gallery Art Motif, New Delhi.

Gallery Espace, New Delhi.

Sahmat, touring to Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, New York. Postcards for Gandhi.

Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi.

DLI Museum, Durham, UK.



City Hall, New York City. From the dragon’s cloud, Asian American artists.

Organization Independent Artists, New York City. ‘Unwanted Figures of the Imagination.



India mission for the UN, New York City. Indian artists in New York.

Pennslavania University, Philadelphia ‘Mosaic, Asian American artists.

Gallery 128, New York City.

Mercury Gallery, London.

Din Associates, London.



East West Gallery, London.

Gallery Seven, Hong Kong.

Henry Street Settlement, New York City. Artist In Residence.



Council for the Arts, Glen Cove, New York. Four Asian American artists.

Mercury Gallery, London.

East West Gallery, London.

Christopher Hull gallery, London.

Contemporary Art Society, London.

Oldham Museum and Art Galleries, Oldham, UK.



Hillwood Museum & Bronx River Gallery, New York City. The Printmaking Workshop.

Nese Gallery, Los Angeles.

Mercury Gallery, London.

Christopher Hull Gallery, London.

Aire Art Gallery, Scotland.



Royal Overseas League, London. Annual selected exhibition.

Christopher Hull Gallery, London.

Newcastle Art Center, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

Bishopsgate Institute, London.

Merz Contemporary Art, London.

Ikon gallery, Birmingham and touring, UK.

Cleveland Art Center, Cleveland, UK. 4th international Drawing Biennial.

Greenwich Citizens Gallery, London.



Christopher Hull Gallery, London.



Galerie Schwerpunkt, Stuttgartt. 4 Indian Printmakers.



Max Muller Bhawan, New Delhi. Prints from Garhi Workshop.



Contemporary Art Society, London. Art Market.



Christi’s, London. Pick of New Graduate Art.

Christopher Hull Gallery, London.

Contemporary Art Society, Market.

Church Gallery, London.



Bernard Jacobson gallery, From Gonzales to Tara, London, UK

British Council, Bombay. British Council Scholarship.



2020    Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. ‘You (will) know me 1’

2020    Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi. ‘You (will) know me 2’.

2020    Sumukha Gallery, Bangalore. ‘You (will) know me’.

2020    Kansas city art center, Kansas, US. ‘In Between/ Opportunity’.  Co-curated

2020    Constellation studios, Nebraska, In Between? Unite. Co Curated

2019    Gertrude Herbert Institute of art, Georgia, US. ‘In between/ Opportunity

2019    Gallery Rausch, Kassel, Germany. ‘Triad’. Co-curated

2018    Eulengasse, Frankfurt, Germany, In Between/ Reconsider’. Co-curated

2014    Triveni, Delhi, “New York-New Delhi

2012    Triveni, Delhi. ‘New York-New Delhi. Curated by Vijay Kumar and Tara Sabharwal

1998    “Unsuitable girls’ for SAWCC selected group show.

1992-1995. Asian American Art center, NYC. Worked on Curatorial team.



2005- 2010. Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, NYC. Serve on Board of directors.

1995- Present  SAWCC, South Asian Women’s Creative Collective. Member contributor.

1992- Present. Asian American Art centre, NYC. Advising panel for ArtAsiAmerica archive.


Seminars/ Presentations/ Workshops

2020 Jawaharlal Nehru I+University, New Delhi. Seminar on Migration

2019    Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, USA

2019    Adrian Duckworth Museum, NH

2019    VoCA (Voices of contemporary art) Interview workshop at MOMA, NYC

2018    International Printmaking symposium, Wuhan, China

2018    Wilmer Jennings gallery, NYC

2017    University of Augusta, Georgia, US

2017    Queens Museum, NYC. “Fatal Love, Where are we now?’

2017    Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY

2017    Mohile Parikh Center, Mumbai, India. V-IDEO, Mumbai

2017    KunstBalcon presentation at KunstTempel, Kassel

2017    VoCa Talk, Fales Library, New York University, NY


2019 Manhattanville college, Manhattanville, NY

2019 Vermont Studio center, Vermont, US. Visiting artist tutorials.

2018- Present. Robert Blackburn Printmaking workshop, NYC. Printmaking classes for artists.

2017  Painting and Printmaking, Visiting Professor, University of Augusta, Georgia, USA

2017- Present. Women’s Studio Workshop, NY. Summer Art Institute, Monoprinting.

2017- American Embassy School, New Delhi, India. Visiting Artist.

2015- University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska. Visiting Artist.

2014- Present. Mcauley program, CUNY, NYC. Visiting Artist.

1994- Robert Blackburn Printmaking workshop. Workshops.

1998- Present. Studio in a School, NYC.Teaching Artist.

2014-2015 Mc Claire University, NJ. Visiting Artist.

2007- 2009 Rubin Museum of Art, NYC. Teaching Artist.

2005- 2007 John Jay College. CUNY, NYC. Adjunct Professor.

2004- 2005 Cooper Union School of Art, NYC. Adjunct Professor.

2004- 2011 Creative Classrooms, NYC. Teaching Artist.

2001-2003 Bank street school for children, USA. Teaching Artist.

2003- 2005 Art in General, NYC. Teaching Artist.

2000- 2002 Guggenheim Museum, NYC. Learning through art’. Teaching Artist .

2001-2010 Science and Art enrichment, NYC. Teaching Artist.

1989- 1990 Sunderland Polytechnic, Sunderland, UK. Part-time Professor.

1988-1989 Newcastle Polytechnic, Newcastle, UK. Part-time Professor.