Her hybrid monoprint paintings are delicate and layered; she can make objects float in the neither-here-nor-there ether. 

Seph Rodney, "A show of luminous paintings', Hyperallergic 2018

Sabharwal’s keen eye for color and nuances in hue, such as in “Steam”(2017), are demonstrated throughout the exhibition Float. And for someone who manipulates shade and tone as deftly as she does, it’s impressive that her sense of compositional structure is just as strong which can be seen in the black and white print “Anniversary” (2016), which depicts what may be dandelion wisps  wafting to the foreground to become a garden of human eyes settling onto a bone-white ground below. Loveliness lives in her hands.

Seph Rodney, "A show of luminous paintings', Hyperallergic 2018

They are about deep spaces, of the mind, of the subconscious, undersea,night sky or about light itself. They are floating spaces without a horizon.They may resemble a meta-scape but the sheer technical procedure of working through layers, image translation across surfaces and acts of markmaking disallow the mystical; instead, they set into motion the poetics of paint and a dialectic between the familiar and the uncanny. 

Parul Dave Mukherjee, "A Fauvist feast, towards a tautology of practice',2017

Such a degree of inner self-regard, or inner dialogue, is as rare as it is difficult. It is solipsistic, on one hand, and totally open to the world on the other hand, all at once; at the same time it represents something perfectly communicable and totally opaque. In such dream-like states we regain complete autonomy. This sovereign autonomy is the essence of Tara Sabharwal's paintings.

In her work one sees a palette of earth and sky and every thing in between intimately and closely related to our possible experience of color in the world. As the embodiment of a constant tension between above and below they are the mediation of light above all. Distilled light, filtered through air, leaves, skins, objects and bodies of all sorts, embracing the worlds of humanity, animals, plants, and stars, permeates her canvases. 

Yehuda Emmanuel Safran, 'In other rooms', 2013

Everything Tara paints has the presence of intense imaginings, and seems to be caught in a state of slow awakening, breathing on the surface, unsettled as yet in its own body. The ‘strangely familiar’ and the ‘familiarly strange’ are all prompted by the everyday life but acquire composite dimensions so that the inadequacies of the self

can be overcome. 

Roobina Karode, 'In other rooms I meet myself', 2013

The long years of working in sumei ink and watercolors displays a poetic sensibility that distinctly complements Tara’s naïve yet sophisticated visuality, poised between delicacy and resilience. Colour exudes light as experienced underwater on forms or by forms in the lowly illuminated moonlight. The faint liquid tones interspersed with sharp details create the distance between things through emotive scaling. Even a matter of fact image gains an aura in its blurry presence.

Roobina Karode, 'In other rooms I meet myself', 2013

Perhaps, that’s why, in surveying this dreamscape of etchings and monotypes, one is left astonished, yes, but also filled with an enormous sense of intimacy with a world that, no matter what its enclosures, remains open, playful, unresolved and, yes, optimistic

Stathis Gourgouris, The Open dream paths of Tara Sabharwal, 2013

Sabharwal's dense watercolors make an intense and intricate impact. With cultural roots in India and Europe- her paintings hint at obscure rites and mythologies, along with psycological and emotional undercurrents.

Peter Inch, Art Review, 1991

These are vulnerable paintings, composed of raw tissue, at times harsh and nervous, at times delicate and intimate. Tara's paintings explores the regions of the mind- regions of reverie, enchantment, alienation and uncertainity.

Stephanie Brown, Art News 1989

Delicately poised between dream and reality, Tara;s figures play our private fantasies, yet have not lost touch with the world. 

Using sweeping strokes and frenetic gestures, she draws childlike forms which are almost apologetic in their somewhat hesitant and apologetic construction. This purposeful underplaying results in strengthening the incongruities of the situations depicted and imparts a sense of innocence and openness to the work.

Kamala Kapoor, Frenetic gestures, 1987

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